Midas Consultancy

"As Midas Consultancy Inc., with our consultants and lawyers, we offer effective solutions to the firms we serve for their problems in all legal aspects, especially Competition Law. Honest, trustworthy, objective, transparent and high quality service is our fundamental principle."

As Midas Consultancy team, with competition consultants and lawyers based in our offices in Istanbul and Ankara, we deliver companies efficient and prompt solutions for competition law related issues.

With our staff consisting of competent and experienced experts, we implement custom-built compliance programs including competition law trainings and on-spot inspection simulations, offer consultancy services with regard to M&A notifications, negative clearances and exemption applications to be submitted to the Turkish Competition Authority.

We provide advocacy in all phases of pre-investigation and investigation proceedings initiated and carried out by the Turkish Competition Board and at oral hearing hearings held by it, safeguard our clients’ interests and rights by appealing against the Board’s decision for annulment, perform compliance audit in respect of miscellaneous agreements such as distributorship, franchising, authorized dealership and exclusivity agreements and present legal opinions on all sort of competition law oriented matters.

In addition to competition law, we also offer legal consultancy services in the fields of contracts law, commercial law, advertising law, administrative law, consumer law and data protection law.

We have been providing legal assistance and consultancy to leading entities running their operations in Turkey and all over the world, in a variety of sectors such as advertising, energy, automotive, telecommunication, healthcare, media, cosmetic, e-commerce, entertainment, food, cement, insurance and finance.