Action for Annulment Against the Decisions of Competition Board and Appeal Process

Applicants who have individual concern with respect to the annulment of the Board’s decision are entitled to challenge the decision. The action for annulment against the the Board’s decision is brought before Ankara Administrative Courts. Should the applicant considers that the Court’s judgement is unlawful, the action at issue may be brought before the District Administrative Courts. Failing to be ruled on behalf, the applicant may have recourse to the Council of State against the decisions of the District Administrative Court.

The annulment and appeal process may last long and undertakings may be requested to pay administrative fines imposed by the Board within this period. Our experienced lawyers are ready to follow up the entire litigation process along with supersedeas writs to suspend the payment of the fines imposed and assist our clients in representation before the Courts of all instance by submission of petitions and written statements, and attempting hearings.